Greenwich’s C. Parker Gallery: Star-Spangled Exhibition & More!

In honor of Independence Day 2015, Greenwich’s very own C. Parker Gallery currently has a themed group exhibition, “Star-Spangled,” featuring the work of several nationally-known artists exploring the symbolic American flag in contemporary art. The exhibit runs through July 31.

The American flag is, of course, synonymous with the holiday and countless artists have experimented with the design of the Star-Spangled Banner since its origin. In the C. Parker Gallery hangs flags composed of license plates, aluminum cans, plastic army men, and even comic strips.

The American Flag Made of Various Aluminum Cans and Wrappers. Credit: Emma Daley.

The American flag made of various aluminum cans and wrappers. Credit: Emma Daley.

Red and White Stripes Composed of Toy Army Men. Credit: Emma Daley.

Red and white stripes composed of toy army men. Credit: Emma Daley.

“Star-Spangled” will run until July 31 at the gallery, offering visitors a chance to admire the flag from a multitude of perspectives.

In addition, the gallery is also showcasing the work of Neil Powell. Powell uses old, discarded book covers to “explore new social, cultural, and political narratives through themes of relatedness and identity.”

A Piece by Neil Powell -- Constructed of New and Old Book Spines. Credit: Emma Daley.

A piece by Neil Powell — constructed of new and old book covers. Credit: Emma Daley.

Powell rescues the books he uses in his work from destruction, giving them a second life in a different context to a new audience. By juxtaposing the new and the old — new art from old book covers — time for reflection is allowed on the visual treatise on the recycling and renewal of popular culture.

Besides “Star-Spangled” and Powell, The C. Parker Gallery has cultivated an impressive array of original works created by highly collectible and distinguished artists. The gallery’s extensive collection ranges from 19th century masters to rising stars who have exhibited in major salons, museums and galleries around the world.

c Parker gallery

American flag in contemporary art at C. Parker Gallery. Credit: Emma Daley

The C. Parker Gallery is located at 17 East Putnam Avenue. It is open from Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; and on Sunday from noon to 4:30 p.m.


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