Greenwich Girl Scouts Power through Pandemic with Cookie Sales

Since kicking off Girl Scout cookie season on January 2, 2021, Greenwich Girl Scouts grades K – 12 have sold 32,159 boxes of cookies by hosting cookie booths, contacting friends, family and neighbors through phone, email, text, social media and pulling wagons door-to-door. 

Innovating in a pandemic, Girl Scouts are also making videos, crafting hand-made door knockers, Zooming with family and leaving creative voicemail messages to drive contact-less sales. This year, six incredible Greenwich Girl Scouts have sold more than 500 cookie boxes each since the January start, with one Girl Scout selling more than 1600 in the same timeframe.

Six Greenwich Girl Scouts Sold 500+ Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Each

Bailey Ehret, age 8, Girl Scout Troop #50209 who has sold 1616 cookie boxes, said, “I love selling cookies because we share some of the money we earn with animals and people in our community. I usually ride my pink scooter around my neighborhood but since I couldn’t knock on peoples’ doors this year, I hung over 200 little papers on door knobs telling people how they could buy cookies. When I got orders in, I would make thank you cards. I am excited because this is the most cookies I ever sold.  I am still selling cookies and trying to reach my next goal!”

When asked what the secret to her success was, Elizabeth Broadbent, age 7, Girl Scout Troop #50423 who sold more than 725 cookie boxes, said “being very confident” helped her create a video that she shared with friends, family, and neighbors via email and social media instead of going door-to-door.

“We learned about online safety, and I wrote down what I wanted to say in my video. After practicing a few times, I recorded it and sent it out with help from my parents—my mom said that’s called a pitch,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth’s troop uses proceeds from Girl Scout cookie sales to purchase items for local domestic violence shelters and help others in need throughout the community. In 2020, Girl Scout Troop #50423 donated dozens of boxes of cookies to front-line workers who were managing through the early days of the pandemic.

To capstone a year of pandemic resiliency, Athena Hartigan, high school senior and 2021 Gold Awardee from Girl Scout Troop #50136 emphasized with determination “As a competitive figure skater, I love a good challenge. As this is my last year selling Girl Scout cookies, since I am a senior in high school, I want to use all of my sales techniques to sell the most boxes possible and finish strong.” Athena has already sold nearly 700 cookie boxes.

Girl Scout Troop #50125 Kathryne Salomon in third grade has sold 545 Girl Scout cookies and shared, “Usually I go to my dad’s office to sell, but this year, I learned how to use email and Facebook with my mom’s help. My mom is also our troop leader!” Two second-grade eight year olds from Girl Scout Troop #50454 spoke to the spirit of Girl Scouts and the power of a Girl Scout cookie. Olympia Oveissi, who has sold 661 cookie boxes, said simply “I love Girl Scout cookies because they are delicious! I think that people were extra excited about cookies this year and taking part in something wholesome. My favorite thing about Girl Scouts is exploring nature and I look forward to going to camp this summer.” Emily Smith, who has sold 500 cookie boxes, added, “I like selling cookies because I get to donate the proceeds to a charity of our choice. Because of our love of animals, we chose The Animal Welfare Institute to help further our cause of protecting and caring for animals.” Emily said it best, “The key to successful cookie sales is having a lot of friends and neighbors who love cookies!”

How to buy cookies

To buy or donate Girl Scout cookies from a local Greenwich Girl Scout, please visit Have a girl deliver cookies to you personally, ship the cookies to yourself or a friend, or buy cookies from an in-person cookie booth. Even if you don’t like cookies, make a donation! Girl Scouts of Connecticut cookie sales end on March 28; buy today.

This year, six incredible Greenwich Girl Scouts have sold more than 500 cookie boxes each since the January start, with one Girl Scout selling more than 1600 in the same timeframe.

Bailey Ehret, age 8 – 1600 cookie boxes
Elizabeth Broadbent, age 7 – 725 cookie boxes
Athena Hartigan, age 18 – 700 cookie boxes
Kathryne Salomon, grade 3 – 545 cookie boxes
Olympia Oveissi, age 8 661 cookie boxes
Emily Smith, age 8 – 500 cookie boxes