Needs Clearing House Does it Again. In-Kind Car Donation Helps Homeless Greenwich Mom


Thursday was perfect and sunny in Greenwich, but for Veronica Correa, who received the gift of a 2000 Ford Taurus, in excellent condition, from the Needs Clearing House the day was extra bright. Needs Clearing House gave Ms Correa the car, donated by John and Jeanine Giddings — registered with all fees paid — along with a $100 gas card, in order to fill a gap in transportation for the working mom. The handover took place at Greenwich Automotive, just over the Greenwich line in Port Chester

For Ms. Correa, who has a job but has been without a home, the Ford Taurus provides a key link between housing secured in Fairfield and her job in Greenwich.  

“Rents are so high in Greenwich, the car will enable Veronica to find an affordable apartment for her family and keep her job” said Joe Kaliko, Co-President of the Needs Clearing House.

The gift of the car would not have been possible without the help of Chris Canavan, the owner of Greenwich Automotive and a member of the Needs Clearing House Executive Board.

Once the need was defined and certified by the Greenwich Department of Social Services, which has a working relationship with Mr. Kaliko, he consulted with Mr. Canavan, identified a trade-in donation which fit the need and they made the gift happen.

Greenwich Automotive donated approximately $1,000 in parts and labor to put the car in great shape, and Needs Clearing House topped the cake with the gas card to help this working single mom.

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