Lights, Camera, Fashion Starts at the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich

At the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich this week Torch Club Junior Cardinals and Keystone Cardinals Club members collaborated with Abilis on a event called “Lights, Camera, Fashion,” which featured a fashion show and dance.

Twenty models had the opportunity to walk the runway, strike a pose and even keep the clothes that were donated.

Wearing Vineyard Vine clothing from (Greenwich)

– Abilis Member- Ross Perry- Large  &  Abilis Member- William Petrow

Wearing Old Navy clothing from (White Plains, NY)

– Torch Member – Destiny Alexendre & Jacari Hughes

– Torch Member – Claire Moskowitz

– Torch Member – Daniela Mutis

– Torch Member – Lisely

– Keystone Member – Dina Quevedo

Wearing G-III Apparel Group clothing from New York     

– Torch Club Member – Ariana Thompson &  Abilis Member – Heather Duff

– Abilis Member –  Dana Velander &  Torch member – Jasmine Scott

 Wearing Mon Ami Clothing from (Miami, FL)

– Keystone Member – Karen Maldonado

– Abilis Member – Alison Cohen

– Abilis Member – Misa Shimada

Wearing Claudette clothing from (Old Greenwich, CT) 

– Keystone Member – Starla Tejada & Abilis Member –  Alejandra Martinez

Fly Basic clothing from (Stamford, CT)

– Torch Member- Lex Stephenson &  Abilis Member – Chris Walker

– Torch Member – Jaden Scott &  Abilis Member – Joey Mancuso

“This would have not happen without the support from those who donated the clothes and food,” said Camryn Ferrara from the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich.

Vineyard Vine (Greenwich)
Old Navy clothing (White Plains, NY)
G-III Apparel Group clothing (New York) Ian Kennedy
Mon Ami Clothing (Miami, FL) Jill Schwabe
Claudette clothing (Old Greenwich, CT) CLAUDETTE – Old Greenwich, CT
Fly Basic clothing (Stamford, CT) Floyd Tackett

Chicken Joe’s Anthony Marini
Planet Pizza