Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation Announces Donation to Tod’s Point Sailing School

Continuing its mission for boating and water sport safety, the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation (ECFF) is proud to announce a $5,000 donation to the Tod’s Point Sailing School, a newly launched program at Tod’s Point in Greenwich. The donation will go towards the purchase of life vests for the students to use when taking sailing classes. Tod’s Point Sailing School is a public access program whose mission is to make Long Island Sound accessible to the public.

Its priorities are: safety, fun, and learning, while offering instruction and boat rentals every day all summer long to the local community.

Go to their website www.todspointsailingschool.org for more information.

ECFF provides funding to advance education, advocacy and awareness of boating and water sports safety for adults and children, throughout Connecticut and nationwide. This includes awareness of both state and local rules and regulations, how to obtain necessary certifications, knowledge of each body of water, and the vessel mechanics.

The foundation was created by Pam and Joe Fedorko to honor the life of their 16-year old daughter Emily, who tragically lost her life in 2014, during a water tubing accident on Long Island Sound.

In 2019, the ECFF partnered with the Greenwich Point Conservancy to provide financial and planning support for the restoration of the chimes and tower portion of the beautiful and historic “Chimes Building” (c1896) at Greenwich Point.

The contribution by the Foundation will be used for refurbishing the rare c1901 “Chimes” mechanism and bells, which are located in the upper portion of the Chimes tower, and for creating a water safety center in the base of the tower. Once the Chimes building is restored, Tod’s Point Sailing School, will operate from its original place adjacent to the water.

The overall restoration project for the Chimes Building is being led by the Greenwich Point Conservancy, in coordination with the Town of Greenwich.

The project is slated to commence following completion of the overall facility design and receipt of all necessary Town approvals. Following the restoration, the building and facilities there will be named in honor of Greenwich Point Conservancy founding board member, the late Daniel J. Donahue. Following the restoration of the musical chimes mechanism and bells, they will be known as “Emily’s Chimes,” dedicated to the life and memory of Emily.

The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation will be hosting their fund raising event June 3 at the Village in Stamford. Please visit the website www.emsway.org to become a sponsor or purchase tickets to the event.