Competition Heats up This Holiday Season for the buildOn Girls at GHS

The buildOn girls at Greenwich High School have kept up their efforts since 7th grade and are currently in the lead in their fundraising category. Why is this important? According to buildOn, 775 million people in this world are illiterate. The girls at GHS see the need and are making a difference.

As the teens reconcile their Greenwich surroundings with the deprivation of people their age in other countries, they know how lucky they are and have never lost sight of their ultimate goal, which is to raise $30,000 to build a school in Haiti.

It is a sad reality that those who need education the most – children living in poverty – are the least likely to attend and complete school.  Part of the magic of buildOn is the benefit to all those who volunteer and the side effects of appreciating their own education and safety.

Here in Greenwich and even in Brooklyn, teenagers are enriched by their experience volunteering and raising funds for a great cause.

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We last checked in with the Greenwich High School girls buildOn chapter in October. “Our generation can solve problems by coming together in big numbers, by using social media tools like Instagram, and by spreading the word,” chapter member Skylar Shack said as the girls chatted on the bleachers about their project. At the time the girls were selling buildOn books to raise money and were at the $13,000 benchmark toward the big goal of $30,000.

In the remaining days of 2014, the GHS buildOn girls are hoping that Greenwich Free Press readers in the giving mood of the holiday season will consider their efforts. They are grateful for even the smallest donation to their Hand-in-Hand With Haiti chapter.

Now, at week 3 of buildOn’s current 4-week fundraising campaign, over $90,000 has been raised, enough to fund 3 schools and educate nearly 500 people.

Great news! Greenwich High School’s buildOn chapter is in the lead.

Top-Fundraising Chapters 

  1. Greenwich High School $5,000

  2. Munich International School: $3,887
  3. Abington Senior High School: $3,736
  4. New Canaan High School: $3,630
  5. Albany High School: $3,178

Please consider donating to the GHS girls buildOn Hand-in-Hand With Haiti chapter.

If all goes as planned, the girls will travel to Haiti in June to help with the construction of the school. They will stay with local families and expect to sleep on the floor, have no running water, and even use “a latrine.”


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