CMS Students Cheer from their Classrooms as Great Horned Owl is Freed from Soccer Net

Longtime Greenwich Animal Control officer Stacy Rameor recently responded to Central Middle School on the report of an owl caught in the soccer ball net.

Needing a third hand to help rescue the Great Horned Owl, Officer Rameor was assisted by the principal of the school, Tom Healy.

Together they were able to untangle and free the owl, and after Officer Rameor examined the bird for injuries and didn’t find any, the bird flew out of her hands while a few classes of kids watching from the windows of their classrooms cheered!

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Animal Control

Thank you to Greenwich Animal Control for all their good work assisting wildlife in addition to finding homes for strays.

Animal Control is located at 393 North Street.

Tel. 203-622-8299

View the animals at Animal Control that need homes on Petfinder here.