WOLD: Where Do Democratic Candidates Stand on a New Hamill Rink?

Open Letter to Democratic Candidates, Submitted by David C. Wold, Greenwich

Dear Democratic Candidates,

I read nearly daily your view on issue “here and there” in pockets of Greenwich, but I find it very difficult to find where you stand on a municipal project for all of Greenwich, the Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink. We who are concerned about this over 50 year old institution that most of us have spent some time at know where Fred Camillo stands on the issue and we know the Republicans have via Bill Drake had a “vision and a plan” nearly all the 20 years that the Dept of Public Works has been having a fold on “renovation,” but I just can’t see where the Democratic Candidates stand.

The last few years it is no longer talk about renovating the rink at the current property, provided by Board of Ed, but instead moving it to another property, a landmark property that Ruth Sims, the first elected woman, a Democrat, accomplished making it a public park, together with Havemeyer Park, both open spaces that many wanted it to be more “commercially” developed.

Her vision and she thought was accomplished was a park that requires no membership,  just open space for the public.

We know that the late Rebecca Breed follow up on that and expanded the area.

It would be protected from future ‘ideas’ by CT Statute 7-131n .

But now that the center of this parkland is being proposed to the new site for a 40,000 sq ft building and pushing other elements of ‘open space’ out in corners, the town Democratic take a ‘Monday quarterback’ position on this MI application.

I understand overwhelmingly the proclaimed Democrats on the RTM had no problem taking a stand when it came to funding such a $30+ million plan, but very I’m finding it hard to find out whether state or local candidates from the Democratic party taking a stand.

There is a public meet this week and then there would be one hopefully in October, that is all before the election, so I hope you all can find an opinion and let us know.

My view is that Monday Quarterbacks should not even be elected to public office.

Better to disagree or agree than to get paid to vote, ‘Present’

Hope to hear and see your view expressed,

David C. Wold