Bluto Crookman: Ode To Those Who Donate Their Cars in Greenwich

Reader poem submitted by “Bluto Crookman” on Feb 8, 2018 

Please, leave you keys to your nice auto,

On your seat, with your wallet and photo.

I need those items, to re-sell your car,

When I send it to some place afar.

Please park it facing the street,

It make my job easier, and helps avoid the “heat’.

I do prefer those later models SUV’s,

As do my connections over-seas.

But a BMW, Audi, Range Rover or Benz 4-matic,

They are also desirable, and sort of romantic.

I’m looking forward to driving one or two away,

Very soon, perhaps from your driveway?


Your truly,

Bluto Crookman