Sorokin Gallery Presents the Work of Dean Cera

Sorokin Gallery is pleased to present the work Dean Cera in the gallery’s latest solo exhibition.

Cera is a multimedia artist, who combines his knowledge of the human body as a master physiotherapist, with his artistic expression, to create paintings, photographs and films celebrating the human form.

“Visual Transport” is an exhibit of Cera’s evolving style into an emotion-driven process of dripping bolder colors across a large canvas, using the free fall of gravity as a creative tool.

His earlier works used special marble techniques. Cera was born in Rochester, NY and received a B.S. from University of Brockport in Art, Music and Philosophy.

He has shown in the Rochester Museum & Science Center and the Boca Museum.

The exhibition runs from Nov 4 through Dec 6, 2022.

Sorokin Gallery is located at 96 Greenwich Ave. Tel. 203.856.9048