Riverside School Students Sparkle in Matilda Jr. the Musical

On Friday January 13 and Saturday, January 14, Riverside School brought the magic of Matilda Jr. the Musical to the stage. This year’s production told the story of a remarkable and highly intelligent little girl with magical powers who overcomes obstacles in her life, and both inspires and captures the hearts of her classmates and her schoolteacher.

Beatriz Lisboa Da Cunha De Freitas, student star of the show playing Matilda. Contributed photo

The production was directed and choreographed by Josue Jasmin who owns and operates a local theatre production company. Under his direction, many previous successful musicals have been brought to the Riverside School stage including Frozen and Peter Pan. A dedicated committee of parent volunteers was responsible for creating all of the visual elements of the play including the costumes, props and set design and construction.

The ensemble of 4th and 5th graders rehearsed daily for several weeks prior to the production and focused on learning their lines, choreography and as well as the elements of stage performance.

“We take pride in showcasing the arts at Riverside School,” said Christopher Weiss Principal of Riverside School, adding, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to express themselves creatively on stage and draws the community together to witness the talents and hard work both the parent volunteers and students have put in to bring a production to life”.

After a brie hiatus due to Covid, this Riverside tradition is now in its 22nd year.

Surina Patel, Whitney Marder, Dante Amoa. Contributed photo
Paulina Sepulveda, Shane Dowling, Clara Keith. Contributed photo
Dante Amoa, Adeline Morris. Contributed photo
Beatriz Lisboa Da Cunha De Freitas, Maddie Wu. Contributed photo
Laura Curry, Teddy Campinell, Max Johnson, Hank Kilcullen. Contributed photo
Adeline Morris. Contributed photo
Miles Shore. Contributed photo