Much Anticipated Pops Choral Concert at Greenwich High School Does Not Disappoint

On Wednesday night, Greenwich High School’s choral department held their last concert of the year: the much anticipated pops concert.

The repertoire included popular songs ranging from radio hits to Broadway numbers, with audience members even joining in to clap as part of the piece, “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys performed by the Witchmen.

Each concert features four groups: Concert choir, Witchmen, Madrigals, and Chambers singers. One of the greatest aspects of the spring concert is not only the upbeat and often well-known music, but also the improvement skill-wise among the groups. From the first call concert to the final spring pops concert, each group’s growth is evident.

The pops concert, while arguably the most high-energy performance of the year, also had a somber note. A farewell to graduating seniors was orchestrated by esteemed choir director, Patrick Taylor, followed by the traditional senior song.

These seniors, many of who have participated in choir all four years of high school, sang this emotional song as one last hurrah. The song “Something is Holding Me Here” was written by Mr. Taylor himself and is always a highlight of the show.

Each different choral group put on a stellar performance- highlights being Concert Choir’s “Lucky,” Madrigals’ rendition of “Lollipop,” Witchmen’s “I Get Around” (complete with high backing vocals) and Chambers’ “Over the Rainbow.”

The show was finished by a medley of songs from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” the final note emphasizing the show’s overall resounding success.