YWCA Greenwich Preschool Brings Intergenerational Experiences to Its Students

The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool at YWCA Greenwich offers children, ages 15 months to five years, a unique learning experience that goes far beyond traditional curriculum by incorporating the latest research in child development.

Studies suggest that intergenerational interactions enhance children’s social and personal development.

YWCA Greenwich understands these benefits and now partners with Greenwich Adult Day Care to bring seniors to the YWCA preschool for activities with the four-year old classes. At the Jenga table seniors and children pair up to strategize over which blocks to push out of the tower and keep their towers standing.

The Lego group is more serious as they build cities and cars with Lego police directing traffic.

The results of these bi-monthly events are shared learning, cognitive development, positive social interactions.

“Ninety percent of brain development happens in the first five years of life,” said Geri Smiles, Director of Childhood Education, YWCA Greenwich. “We are pleased to welcome local seniors who model curiosity and a love of learning, which are critical to a child’s future success.”

Opening this fall at YWCA Greenwich will be a new, state-of-the-art STEAM lab that is being designed to accommodate all age groups.

The new space will include technology for hands-on learning opportunities, modular student stations to accommodate group and individual projects, arts and crafts, and a modular library station.

Hands-on science and math projects form the foundation for STEM concepts and the addition of art encourages individual creative thoughts and expression.

YWCA Greenwich is the only area preschool that provides a 10 month program and offers six extra classes as part of its curriculum at no extra charge, including music, gymnastics, Spanish, swimming, yoga and a monthly naturalist.
The YWCA Greenwich Preschool is set on a beautiful, 6.5-acre site in central Greenwich.

Outside play areas include a water playground, Kompan Structures playground, tennis courts and a sand play area. In doors, the air-conditioned building includes a modern 6-lane warm water pool, a gymnasium, dance studio, art gallery and café.

Classrooms are divided by age group, with a focus on a developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities that encourage the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child.

“The goal of the YWCA Greenwich Preschool is to make students happy, confident, eager to learn, and well-prepared for kindergarten,” said Mary Lee Kiernan, President and CEO, YWCA Greenwich. For a tour of the facility, contact Geri Smiles at 203-869-6501, ext. 100 or email her at [email protected]