Mi Casa, Your Casa, 2.0. Come Take a Swing at the SoNo Collection. This is a Free, Family-Friendly Art Installation

Mi Casa, Your Casa, 2.0 is a free, family-friendly art installation coming to the SoNo Collection in Norwalk, from April 15 to May 14.

It’s the first stop for this exciting interactive art installation as it tours Brookfield Properties shopping centers throughout the country.

Drawing inspiration from the mercados of Latin America, lively street markets where people connect with others in their communities every day, the traveling art installation features eight three-dimensional red frames replicating a home with a swing inside that invite visitors to pause, relax, and experience the art from the inside out.

Designed to look and feel like an inviting home, Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 encourages visitors to come together and feel a sense of warmth and community as they step in, swing, and relax in one of the glowing red houses. Here for one month only, bring your family and friends for this exciting free experience you won’t want to miss.

The swings are made of urban ash. They give a second life to trees that were cut down by the City of Montreal because of the emerald ash borer. Created by Héctor Esrawe (founder and director of Esrawe Studio) and Ignacio Cadena (owner and creative director of Cadena Concepts®), the Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 art installation/exhibit features:

  • Tiny “houses” that form a blank canvas for community engagement and activity.
  • Swings that invite passersby to settle comfortably in the small houses and to relax by swaying quietly in a unique environment.
  • A welcoming white glow that bids passersby to enter when a casa is empty. Once someone is inside, the glow intensifies to show that someone is home.

Located on Shopping Level 1, this playful and interactive art installation will add to The SoNo Collection experience.

The SoNo Collection is located at 100 N Water Street, Norwalk CT 06903