Mega Challah Bake Unites Women for Message of Peace

Mega Challah Bake

This Friday, join 500 other women at the Hyatt Regency in Old Greenwich for a Mega Challah bake. Challah baking is the traditional bread that Jews eat on the Sabbath and holidays. Women have the special mitzvah of making and sanctifying this bread and do so on Fridays in preparation for the Sabbath.

Jews believe that we can contribute to peace in the world by making our households peaceful. Thousands of peaceful homes contribute to world peace!

mega challah bakeThere are special prayers said over the Challah and a piece is separated and sanctified. Five hundred women doing this in unison sends a message of support to all victims of terrorism in the world. The mothers are united with you!

“We may be in Greenwich but we are with you as you too bake the Challah for your home, wherever this may be in the world,” said the organizers of the Mega Challah Bake!

Please come to the Mega Challah Bake in Greenwich at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7:00pm. Pre-registration is required. To register visit: 

500 concerned women across Fairfield county, including 15 “table captains” of mothers in Greenwich, will be joining forces to make Challah bread in unity with women around the world that want to stand firm in the face of terrorism worldwide.
The following women in Greenwich have invited 10-15 of their friends to their table where they will unite to bake the traditional bread of Challah, while praying and sanctifying this bread for their Sabbath tables.
Judaism teaches that peace in the home can create peace in the world and that each individual can be an active force for creating healing and peace right where they live and work.
Registration is required for this event. All are welcome. A table and dough will be available for all. Last minute registrations can be made by visiting: www.MegaChallahCt.Com
The organizers have announced Greenwich residents set to serve as “Table Captains” at the Mega Challah Bake in Old Greenwich:

Elisa Akrongold, UJA Greenwich, Denise Broide, Rebecca Cooper, Patti Finkelstein, Paula Greenstein, Maya Hecht, Maryashie Deren, Amy Herman, Pam Karetsky, Jamie Kesmodel, Leslie Lampert, Ana Lilienfeld, Adriana Voldman and Liwen Yaacoby.

Challah ingredients.