Benvi, Better Known in Greenwich as Nicholas Fikre Hopes to Team Up with Greenwich-Based Record Label

Hometown music producer Benvi hopes to get a recording contract with Greenwich-based Angels Like Rebels, a new digital record company using a crowd-funding platform.  Benvi was chosen as a featured artist, and is currently promoting his dance music with hopes of reaching the funding target of $200,000.  With nine days left in the campaign, he has raised nearly $40,000 from almost 2,000 angels.

Benvi, better known by his friends and family as Nicholas Fikre, grew up in Greenwich and attended the North Street School and Central Middle School before going on to Avon Old Farms School for high school and Colorado College as a music major.

Electronic dance music (EDM) is sweeping the country and there’s something undeniably unique about the dance music produced by Benvi. Using his training as a classical violinist and multi-instrumentalist, he fuses pop vocals with synth grooves and catchy melodies.

Benvi is quickly gaining momentum in the EDM community and has released three tracks as part of Angels Like Rebels first launch campaign, which includes another 21 aspiring musicians.  Artists who reach the public funding target will have a three-year deal with the label to record and release two albums.  You can sample his music and contribute to his campaign at “If I reach the funding target, I’ll be off to the races,” Benvi said. “Music is my passion, it’s what I feel I’m meant to do!”