Action Film to Be Shot in Port Chester; Actors Will be Dressed in Tactical Gear with Weapons

An important notice from our neighbors in Port Chester regarding an action film being shot on Tuesday and Wednesday December 5 and 6.

Port Chester Police Dept say filming will take place on Willett Ave between Main Street and Abendroth Ave, and the intersection of Abendroth Ave & Willett Ave from about 4:00pm and 4:00am each night.

Police say there will be actors dressed in tactical gear with weapons as well as actors in police uniforms with weapons along with a vehicle on fire.

There will be street diversions, which will be coordinated with the Port Chester Police Dept.

During the filming, there will be loud noises from the stunt scenes, as well as gunfire.

“Please do not be alarmed or take any action,” Port Chester Police warn.

There will be uniformed Port Chester Police officers on scene and the area will be cordoned off.

All of the stunt work and fire special effects have been planned and will be carried out safely, and will have a Police and Fire Dept presence.