A New Twist on Easter Eggs: Freshly Laid Eggs from a Greenwich Farm

Easter Sunday is April 20. And though the holiday is weeks away, marshmallow PEEPS and chocolate eggs have been on the supermarket shelves for months. If you bought some, they may last several more.

Here is a fresh idea. Augustine’s Farm sells fresh eggs, laid the day you purchase them. And the price is right: $4.50 a dozen.

The farm stand at 1332 King Street, is currently open Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 1:00pm. (They won’t open 7 days a week, 9-5 until roughly Memorial Day.)

What better way to celebrate Easter than with eggs that range in color from slightly green to white or tan?

Save Your Eggshells for the Tomato Bed
“Save your egg shells,” said Farmer John whose advice is to microwave the shells for a few seconds to kill bacteria and then grind them in the food processor or blender and save them for the tomato bed.

Calcium is a Crack Stopper!
The longtime Greenwich farmer explained to Greenwich Free Press that egg shells are great for tomatoes. “Calcium is a crack stopper!” farmer John said. He explained that eggshells are made of calcium, which helps tomatoes by regulating their water needs and potential cracking.

“Otherwise, if they take in too much water and then the sun comes out, they’ll pop,” John said.

Save Your Banana Peels Too
Farmer John has more advice for a head start for tomatoes.  “Save your banana skins in the freezer in a plastic bag. Then around Memorial Day dig your hols and put a banana peel in first.” The banana peels serve as an organic fertilizer and provide much needed potassium.

Augustine’s Farm is located at 1332 King Street, Greenwich

NOTE: The full farm stand at Augustine’s Farm won’t open for the season until either Memorial Day or mid-June.