Letter to the Editor: Abrams Will Focus on Innovative Solutions

Letter to Editor,
Marc Abrams will be a strong voice for Greenwich as our State Representative in the 149th District.  A fresh voice in the majority that represents our community’s support for sound, responsible fiscal policy.  A determined voice as Marc urges Hartford to utilize our taxes more efficiently and effectively. He will initiate support for our local community organizations and initiatives.
Marc is dedicated to his family and community, a member of Greenwich’s Representative Town Meeting, and an independently successful entrepreneur.  Marc will focus on innovative solutions, and look past partisan politics, for a change of direction.
I support Marc Abrams for State Representative in the 149th District.  He will go to Hartford with enthusiastic and positive support for State initiatives that represent Greenwich’s values, and Hartford will listen.
Ric Wellington
Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Carol Swift

    Marc Abrams, as president of GRS, orchestrated a federal suit of the Town of Greenwich, filed July 7 of this year. I do not think someone who files a federal lawsuit and holds the town hostage to the tune of millions of dollars, should be elected to public office as one of our representatives. His organization could have refiled for their building permits, and they most likely would have been approved. Instead of following the process that you and I would follow if our building permit were denied, he and his organization chose to leapfrog over the normal process and sue the Town of Greenwich in federal court. I would suggest to readers that they read the allegations of the federal lawsuit and then ask yourself – should this man be elected to office? I think your answer will be a definitive NO!! Copies of the lawsuit can be obtained by emailing John Timm at grslawsuit92@gmail.com. Read before you vote.