It’s Official: Katie DeLuca is Greenwich’s New Director of Planning & Zoning

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At Tuesday’s P&Z meeting a vote was taken to add an agenda item. Mr. Maitland said the position for Director of Planning & Zoning has remained vacant since Diane Fox retired and left in July.

Mr. Maitland explained that the Dept. of Human Resources advertised the position, and that there were 10 applications reviewed. Of those 10, three were selected for review by the P&Z commission and interviewed by the commissioners.

“All three referred to us are former or current employees of the P&Z department. All three were skilled and experienced in matters that come before the planning and zoning commission, but one applicant seemed to have the skill set most appropriate for the position, determined by the subcommittee of the P&Z commission that reviewed candidates.”

Lastly, Mr. Maitland said the subcommittee wished to put Katie DeLuca’s name before the entire commission for a vote of approval. The commission’s vote in favor was unanimous.”Thank you so much. This is a wonderful opportunity and I’m really looking forward to serving the community. I know I have very large shoes to fill, with Diane Fox. “First Selectman Peter Tesei congratulated Mrs. DeLuca. “I am delighted with your appointment this evening of Katie DeLuca as our next town planner,” he said. “She has proven to be extremely energetic, knowledgeable and responsive to a diverse constituency.”