Greenwich Schools Concludes Investigation in the Matter of Inappropriate Video; Teachers Replaced

Greenwich Schools has concluded its investigation into the unfortunate video shared with second graders in the remote school. Last month, a cartoon type video featured two owls talking about fear and being afraid from everything to being embarrassed, to parents fighting, to physical and sexual abuse, was shown to some Greenwich Schools remote learning 2nd graders.

The video started out innocently enough, but after several minutes two silhouettes appear, one of of a sad child and a man with an erection.

Reaction was swift. Parents vented on Facebook. The local story became national news. Some outlets shared screenshots of the graphic silhouettes. Others, including Greenwich Free Press, chose not to. The video has since been taken down from YouTube.

On March 29, Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones emailed families of the classrooms explaining that the video had been shared during a lesson on social and emotional learning, but that about half way through, the video was not appropriate for second graders. Jones explained that the content was instead likely meant for a private therapy session for children who have experienced trauma.

Jones apologized for any questions or concerns the video may have raised for children. The district’s psychology staff have been assisting parents with questions.

This week Dr. Jones shared a statement saying the district could not discuss personnel decisions due to privacy.

However, she said the internal investigation had concluded, and the second grade remote classes will have new teachers to finish out the remainder of the year.

“We have a transition plan in place, including an opportunity for families to send goodbye notes to their teachers, as well as welcoming their new teacher,” Jones added. “We look forward to concluding the school year on a positive note.”

While last month Jones said that Dept of Children and Families (DCF) had been contacted, her statement this week did not mention DCF.

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March 29, 2021