Decorate Your Fireplace for Halloween

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Here is a creative and fun way to decorate the fireplace in the event you do NOT want to spark up the logs this Halloween! Set your hearth ablaze with these rip-roaring pumpkin flames.
Fireplace with Pumpkin Flames Arrangement:
Step 1: Begin by experimenting with the placement of pumpkins in your fireplace. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, trim any stems that interfere with stacking stability, then determine how many flames each gourd should get. (Use this photo as a guide.) Note where each pumpkin goes and dismantle the arrangement.
Step 2: Carve a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces.
Step 3: Print out  flame templates and resize on a copier, scaling the images to fit your pumpkins.
Step 4: Cut out stencils as directed on the templates and affix to pumpkins with masking tape. Trace on the designs with a felt-tip pen.
Step 5: Remove stencils, then carefully carve along the drawn lines with an X-Acto knife. Affix a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin with adhesive putty. Finish by restoring your arrangement.

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