Letter to th Editor: Oberlander is Committed to All Students

Dear Editor:

I am a Greenwich resident, mother of three young children and a former teacher in public schools.  I read with great interest a recent letter to the editor about Jill Oberlander’s qualifications to represent the 150th District on education issues.  I respectfully disagree with the author’s conclusion that having children in independent schools lessens one’s willingness and ability to improve our public schools.

Schools are responsible for our most precious resource – children – and the quality of the education they receive is a primary driver of our economy and will determine our future as a nation.  All of us are stakeholders, whether we have children or not, and regardless of where those children may attend school.

Jill Oberlander is clearly committed to ensuring that all students – including the children at New Lebanon – have excellent learning opportunities.  She is meeting with parents, educators and other community members to advocate for universal Pre-Kindergarten, effective support for low-income, minority, and special education students, reasonable testing practices, sufficient funding for school renovation and construction projects, and thoughtful assessment of teachers.

As critical decisions about rebalancing and financing are being negotiated, we need Jill in the House to represent our community.  She is passionate, wise, experienced and committed to excellence for all.

She will fight to expand higher education and technical training for graduates who go into the workforce rather than on to college.  Our economy depends on students getting access to all types of educational opportunities.  Jill is working hard to ensure that everyone has access to an excellent education, at every grade level and in every

The education of our children matters too much to be reduced to personalized attacks.  We should vote for the candidate who is most capable and has shown the most commitment to advocating for our youth. In this race, that candidate is Jill Oberlander.

Sincere regards,

Valerie Wayne
Old Greenwich

Note: The deadline for letters to the editor for the Nov. 4 elections is Oct. 29 at 9:00am.