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The Bridge Playing at YMCA Greenwich is Perfectly Polite Indeed

“You don’t want to join a group and have your partner screaming at you for making a mistake. The goal here is to learn. There are times someone will make a wrong bid, and people will allow the person to re-bid, based on advice and discussion. It’s a learning forum and a chance to play.” – John Friel Continue Reading →

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“Perfectly Polite Bridge Group” Announces Schedule of Games and Lessons

Come play bridge with the Perfectly Polite Bridge Group who are bringing a new culture to an old game. The group, who play at the YMCA Greenwich, strives to promote an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and good will between partners and their opponents. Their goal is to play relaxed Bridge for fun and social enjoyment. The group shares the belief that  Bridge is the best card game in the world. However, they believe Bridge is “just a game” and being correct is not as important as the feelings of another player. Continue Reading →

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