Superintendent Announces Selection of Partner in Data Management


Superintendent of Schools William S. McKersie announced on Thursday the selection of the ECRA Group, Inc. to develop and manage a comprehensive data management system.

The system will include  a data warehouse, value-added student growth model and performance dashboard. Progress will be monitored for individual students, classes, schools and District levels.

At Thursday night’s Board of Ed meeting at Julian Curtiss School Dr. McKersie explained ECRA Group is not “another consultant.” Rather he said Greenwich Schools will have an ongoing arrangement with ECRA. Though the arrangement will be subject to renewal, it is not a one-time consultant’s project.

“After conducting a thorough public RFP process, ECRA emerged as the clear leader,” Dr. McKersie said in a statement. “Simply put, ECRA’s work will allow educators to access performance data through user-friendly applications to monitor the academic progress of individual students in relation to outcomes projected for each student.

McKersie said educators will be able to use that data to better plan for the instructional strategies and resources. The new data system will be essential to decision makers at all levels of the school system – Board of Education, administration and teachers.

ECRA will be providing a comprehensive set of services to support Greenwich Public Schools in adopting more systemic approaches to school improvement by focusing on data and information infrastructure, student growth models, and decision support. ECRA’s systemic and research-based philosophy, along with their collaborative approach to engaging stakeholders, will provide the foundation for a partnership to best address Greenwich Public Schools’ emerging data, analytic, and information needs.

ECRA (Education I Consulting I Research I Analytics) is a well-established leader in the areas of educational assessment, research, analytics, and quality improvement. Based in Rosemont, Illinois, ECRA has over 35 years of experience in helping educational organizations across the nation better understand and document their performance, and chart a course for the future.


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