Fran Kompar Selected for 2015 Hilda and John Jay Award

Fran KomparGreenwich Public Schools Media & Technology Coordinator Fran Kompar has been selected for the 2015 Hilda and John Jay Award by the Ct Association of School Librarians for making an extensive contribution to the library media profession.

“Fran has made significant contributions to the Library Sciences and has served as a meaningful resource for information on digital literacy throughout the state. Her work is not only widely respected, but it is inspirational,” said Chief information officer Phil Dunn.

Ms. Kompar is being recognized for her work in the Greenwich Public Schools as well as with Cooperative Educational Services, and Area Cooperative Services to facilitate a transformational professional learning and support program for Re-Imagining the School Library into a Learning Commons and her continued efforts to educate future Library Media Specialists.

In his letter of recommendation to CASL on Ms. Kompar’s behalf, David V. Loertscher, San Jose State University Professor in Library and Information Science said, “Fran has developed one of the most ambitious projects in the U.S. to bring school libraries into the center of teaching and learning through her professional development program with 20 school districts in CT that concentrate on the development of learning commons. What is exemplary about her efforts is that she not only involves the teacher librarians of the area, but superintendents, principals, and instructional coaches are involved in the redesign of traditional school library practices. Thus, her focus is not, If WE build it, they will come; but, If THEY build it, they will use it! This is a very powerful strategy and not only unusual for normal [professional development] in our field, but likely to make a significant impact.”

Dr. Loertscher continues, “New excitement, a fresh approach, and the prospect of involvement to push sustainability, are all hallmarks of exemplary work worthy of your consideration as the best of the best that is happening in your state….I salute the work, and recommend [Fran] to [the CASL Awards Committee] as an outstanding professional who is making a difference.”

Ms. Kompar will be honored with the Hilda and John Jay Award at CASL’s annual Spring Fling in Milford on April 30, 2015.