Sherr and Auerbach: New Hamilton Avenue School Field is Much Needed

Jason Auerbach and Peter Sherr handed out flyers to parents at Hamilton Avenue School on Friday, Sept 22, 2017 Contributed photo

Jason Auerbach and Peter Sherr handed out flyers to parents at Hamilton Avenue School on Friday, Sept 22, 2017 Contributed photo

The following was Submitted by Jason Auerbach, Sept 22, 2017. In its entirety. The bottom of the submission says “paid for by Auerbach and Sherr.” Note GFP was not paid to publish this.

Jason Auerbach and Peter Sherr have endorsed a new plan to fix the poorly kept playing fields at the Hamilton Avenue School.  The Plan provides a level playing field for elementary field and diamond sports while addressing potential safety hazards at the site.  Their proposed plan includes an additional “black-top” space for recess games including Four-Square and Hopscotch.

“For too many years, the needs of the children at Hamilton Avenue have been postponed. Why the Board of Education accepted the Hamilton Avenue Project from the Building Committee with obvious flaws is beyond comprehension.  Basic educational equity requires addressing this long overdue project,” said Jason Auerbach, member of the RTM and the Education Committee.

Peter Sherr, member of the Board of Education, added, “We need a practical solution that can be quickly approved by the BET and RTM.  This project needs to start as soon as the school closes next June so that the kids have a better playground next school year.  Waiting for the regular annual budget approval process risks further delay.  The BoE should request a separate appropriation to begin the project immediately.”

Last year, the Board of Education considered two proposals – a $350,000 plan to address chronic turf issues at Hamilton Avenue and an $792,000 plan for a level field requiring a complex and expensive system of retaining walls.  The new proposal, which Sherr and Auerbach are supporting, is a modified meet-in-the-middle proposal costing $475,000 leveraging work from the BOE’s engineering consultants.  It at one time, takes care of the chronic turf issue, as well as creates a new level playing field but with a more affordable and financially responsible price tag.

Sherr proposes to add consideration of the Hamilton Avenue Field proposal to the Board’s agenda this October while Auerbach will work to convince RTM members of the merits of this project, assuming the BoE and BET refer the matter for appropriation.

Sherr said, “I will propose to my colleagues on the Board to take up our proposal as soon as possible.  Administrators need sufficient time to plan for summer programs.  The decision should be made now to support teachers and kids.”

Auerbach and Sherr have both promised to make Education Equity a key element of their platforms during the election for the Board of Education in Greenwich this November 7th.

Paid for by Auerbach for Greenwich BoE  Ben Blanco, Treasurer.
Approved by Jason Auerbach

Paid for by Sherr for Greenwich BoE  Ben Blanco, Treasurer.
Approved by Peter Sherr

  • C. Devlin

    Clearly it is campaign season and these two candidates – campaigning together – are trying to fool the electorate into thinking they are champions for Hamilton Avenue School. This is not true and is proven by Jason Auerbach’s public record against Hamilton Avenue School.

    Not only only did Mr. Auerbach vote at the May 2017 RTM to cut the Board of Ed. budget by $220,000, he was the very person who created and made the original motion to make that cut. He did this in the 4/26/17 RTM Budget Oversight Committee meeting when he made a motion to cut $270,200. His reason — he objected to Hamilton Avenue magnet school’s lower kindergarten and first grade class sizes (sizes per Bd. of Ed. policy). At the following BOC meeting, the amount was reduced to $220,000 before moving to a vote.

    How are those actions supportive of the Hamilton Avenue school community?

  • C. Devlin