Seniors of Greenwich High School Anticipate Transition to College

As Greenwich High School seniors anticipate graduating on June 20th, many students reflect on what they will miss most and least about high school as well as what they are excited to experience in college.

Melanie Murphy will be attending University of Virginia in the fall. “Primarily, I am going to miss my friends. They have been very supportive of me throughout my whole high school career,” she said. “I am also going to miss playing varsity sports which introduced me to new people and helped me with time management.”

Greenwich Free Press

Senior Melanie Murphy. June 6, 2018 Photo: Audrey Thalheim

Murphy also commented that she will not miss the stressful atmosphere of high school.

“I feel as though there is a lot of pressure put on us at GHS as it is very competitive getting into college and students are held to a high standard,” she said.

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Senior Sofia Dodaro. June 8, 2018 Photo: Audrey Thalheim

Sofia Dodaro, who will be attending Wake Forest University, commented that she is looking forward to having a more open schedule in college.

“I am excited to have less classes over the week so I can process the information. In college, you have more freedom to choose classes that are tailored to your interests,” she said.

Nick Imperato, a future student at Elon University, also stated that he is looking forward to interacting with new people as well as expanding his academic horizons.

Dodaro also added that it will be hard adjusting to the distance between her and her family in college which is a concern shared by many graduating seniors..

With graduation just around the corner, the 600+ seniors of Greenwich High School are anxious and excited for what the future holds after they receive their high school diplomas.