PHOTOS: Before SBA Testing, New Lebanon School Students Rally with Flair

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new leb # 12

New Lebanon School students danced, sang and rallied each other to do well on SBA testing. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grades all do SBA testing at different time from March through May.

During Friday’s pep rally Baccalaureat Buddy awards were presented. And, in between dancing and cheering, the older children sat down with the younger ones to share words of encouragement.

“We’ve been thinking, learning a lot and asking questions, reflecting on our learning and becoming very knowledgeable,” said one of the older boys. “I’m pretty confident about this SBA test.”

Staff displayed their spirit and enthusiasm too, especially Principal Barbara Riccio, who made her way around the gym with a set of pom poms to get the rally going.

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