Lockdown at GHS on Friday Just a Drill; Fairfield Schools Lockdown Due to a Threat

GHS glass corridor closerAn email that went out to parents on Friday at 11:00amnon behalf of Dr. McKersie  indicated that Fairfield Public Schools were in Lockdown due to an alleged, specific threat. (Channel 12 reported that someone had threatened to bring a gun to a school.)

McKersie’s email emphasized that students were at NO RISK in Greenwich, but that the situation is being monitored closely with the Greenwich Police Department, who will have more visibility around our schools until the matter is resolved in Fairfield.

Coincidentally, the email stated, there was had a Lockdown Drill at Greenwich High School Friday morning, which was “a pure coincidence to the Fairfield situation–our drill started before Fairfield went into Lockdown.”

The email concluded by saying, “For GPS staff with students or family in the Fairfield Public Schools, we understand that the situation is being carefully managed.”


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