Greenwich Schools Announces Breakfast and Lunch Pick-Up Locations While Schools Are Closed

On Wednesday Greenwich Schools superintendent Dr. Toni Jones announced Greenwich Public Schools would be closed beginning Thursday to help slow the spread of respiratory virus infections.

On Thursday she announced that the district was committed to providing meals to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Brown bagged lunches will available daily, which will be delivered to several sites around town.

Sasha Houlihan, director of communications said in an email on Friday that members of the district’s food service team will be distributing the meals.

Jones’ email said the district will provide breakfast and lunch during the school week beginning Monday, March 16. Both meals will be delivered at the same time.

Jones wrote, “We will be sending a small yellow school bus to 12 locations so you and/or your child(ren) may go and pick up food. Please be at the location 5 minutes before the scheduled stop. The bus will be at the location for 20 minutes. You will be asked to identify yourself so we can have your name checked off when you pick up your bagged meals of breakfast and lunch.”

Pick Up Locations:

Route 1:
10:45am: Central Middle School Front Circle
11:15am: Julian Curtiss School Front Circle
11:40am: Wilbur Peck front parking lot
12:05pm: Town Hall (by deliveries – main visitor lot)

Route 2:
11:00am: Glenville Elementary School Front Circle
11:30am: Hamilton Avenue, Parking Lot
12:00pm: Armstrong Court (in front of the handicapped parking spaces)
12:30pm: New Lebanon School, Parking Lot
12:55pm: Western Middle School, Front Circle

Route 3
11:00am Eastern Middle School, Front Parking Lot
11:25am Adams Garden (In front of the Community Building)g