Greenwich High School Classes of 1960, ’61 & ’62 to Hold a Reunion Weekend

 The Greenwich High School Classes of 1960, 61 & 62 will be holding a joint 60th Reunion weekend, September 17 to 19.

Intended to be a reconnection with their years at Greenwich High School and Greenwich, the occasion will feature special events, provided by key elements of today’s Greenwich.  

Subject to coronavirus protocols, the weekend will include visits to new (to them) Greenwich High School, gatherings at Greenwich Point (Tod’s Point to them), local golf and an evening of reconnections at the Greenwich Water Club on Saturday September 18 and brunch on September 19.    

One very special effort is being undertaken by the Greenwich Historical Society, who will present a special exhibition of memorabilia of Greenwich in the early 60’s.

The exhibit will be on display in the Historical Society’s Library and Archives on Thursday and Friday September 16 and 17 from 10:00 am to 4:00pm, and on Saturday September 18 from 2:00-4:00. All 1960’s GHS alumni and family & friends are invited to stop by for this no charge gift from the Society to the GHS Alumni and the community. A special thank you to Christopher Shields, archive curator and the Historical Society leadership and staff.   

Another of the special events is the reunion & celebration of the 1961 GHS Senior Chorus European Tour. Tour alumni hope to meet with the current chorus members during their September 17 visit to GHS. Recognition of the 60th anniversary of the tour will be part of Saturday Nights Reunion Dinner.  

Because of the shared GHS memories from the early 60’s, the 1960-62 alumni are inviting their classmates from 1963-65 – specifically those who live near-by – to join in the festivities.

All are invited/encouraged to enjoy memories and history that they helped create, via the Historical Society exhibit and participating in the reunion weekend events.  

To learn more and how to attend any part of the GHS Reunion Weekend, contact Phil Oldham / GHS’61 at [email protected].