Good News on Timeline for Students to Return to Cos Cob School

All K-3 students will return to their Cos Cob School classrooms on January 2, 2019.

The Cos Cob School re-construction project is on schedule for a return to the classrooms over the Holiday recess. Teachers have begun packing supplies not needed for instruction in the next week and those boxes are already being moved from host schools back to Cos Cob School. Beginning Saturday, December 15, K-3 teachers will begin to re-set up their Cos Cob School classrooms.

Cos Cob School second floor classroom reconstruction has been completed and cleaned. First floor classroom reconstruction is nearly complete.

As indicated in previous updates, some of the essentials rooms and non-classroom space will not be ready immediately following the Holiday break, including the music room, the media center, the main office and the nurse’s suite. However, the art room will be ready on January 2!

Air Quality Testing Reports have been posted to the Cos Cob School Relocation web page.

Regular air quality testing continues. A recent report did indicate elevated spore counts as compared to outside levels in an area of the site that was separated from the students and staff. The area was cleaned and ventilated and new air quality testing was conducted. The repeat air sampling recorded very low spore counts. Air quality testing continues to be within acceptable standards.