Officer’s Keen Eye Leads to Arrest of Duo for Fraudulent Debit Cards

On Wednesday Greenwich Police conducted a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of the driver and a passenger for multiple charges involving fraudulent debit cards.

According to Lt John Slusarz, police spotted a car come out of a municipal parking lot in the area of Mason Street and stop right in the middle of the road. “Then the officer saw someone else come running down the road and jump in the car,” he added.

The car’s license plate came back as being suspended, so the officer stopped the car, a silver Nissan Altima.

Police say the driver, Christina M Harris 25, of 1590 Barnum Ave in Bridgeport didn’t have a license. Also the car did not belong to her, and there was no insurance.

Jonathan Lucena

Jonathan Lucena Dec 13, 2018 Photo courtesy Greenwich Police Dept

As the car was required to be towed, police conducted an inventory of items within.

That was when police found a stack of 17 debit cards. Detectives used a portable card reader and determined magnetic strips that did not match the cards which had been re-coded with stolen credit card/debit card information.

Police charged the driver, Ms. Harris, along with her passenger Jonathan Lucena, 20, of 1590 Barnum Ave in Bridgeport each with 6 counts of Payment Card Theft, 6 counts of Illegal Production Payment Card, 6 counts of Identity theft, and 6 counts of Forgery 3.

Both Ms. Harris and Mr. Lucena posted bond of $1,000 each and share a date in Stamford Superior Court on Dec 26, 2018.