Back to School: Five Siblings Set off for Eastern Middle School Together

The Sernick family shared a photo of their five children on Thursday, the first day of school in Greenwich.

The photo is particularly meaningful for the family because it represents the first year ever that all five siblings will be attending the same school, Eastern Middle School.

“For the first time in nine years, after attending different schools, my 12 year old twins (Grade 7) Reagan and Chloe Sernick, along with my 11 year old triplets (Grade 6), Cooper, Carson and Katharine Sernick, start Eastern Middle School today,” said Marla Sernick. “What a great story!”

Mrs. Sernick said Thursday was a special moment for her five children.

“My children are very close knit and to have them together again for the mid-final leg of their Greenwich Public School education is meaningful for us,” she said. “They are third generation from our family to live in Greenwich.”

Mrs. Sernick said the world today is tough enough to navigate, and sharing the experience with so many siblings can only enhance their experience.

Congrats to all the Sernick siblings!