Victim’s “Find My Phone” App Leads Police to Suspected Purse Thief in Greenwich Library Bathroom

On Dec. 27 at about 4:00pm, Fermin Umana, 54, of 3 Widgeon Way, was arrested and charged with Larceny 4 after Police found him in a bathroom at Greenwich Library in possession of a stolen purse.

According to Greenwich Police Lt. Gray the victim had installed a “find My Phone” app, which led the victim’s family to Greenwich Library. From there, they called police who found Mr. Umana and the purse in the library bathroom.

According to Greenwich Police, Umana had been seen by the victim sleeping on a bench by the playground at Greenwich Common. The victim said the purse had been placed on bench near where Mr. Umana was sleeping.

Umana told police he found the purse and intended to turn it into the Police, yet the library was several blocks out of the way from the police station.

All property from the purse was returned. Mr. Umana’s bond was set at $500 and he has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Jan. 4 2016.