Christmas Day Burglaries Target Businesses in Riverside Commons

Three locations were targeted over Christmas weekend by burglars. According to Greenwich Police, commercial burglaries are tracked separately from residential burglaries, and these three incidents were not crimes of opportunity, but rather reflected some premeditation and use of burglary tools to gain entry.

Police first received a report of an alarm sounding at Pomodoro Pizzeria & Trattoria at 2:00am on Christmas morning. According to Lt. Gray, the burglars had pried their way in through the rear door of the restaurant and taken the small amount of cash that had been left in the register to do business the following morning.

Police learned of the second incident later on Christmas morning when someone from DiMare Pastry Shop called to say that the bakery had also been burgled, with cash taken from the register. Burglars also pried their way into the back door of the bakery.

The third incident involved burglars attempting to enter ACME supermarket via the roof, though they were unsuccessful. The incidents are under investigation.

Lt. Gray cautions commercial establishments to keep their alarm systems up-to-date and turned on.