Trouble for Driver Who Backed into a Spot to Park on Greenwich Ave

Sef Rahman Mohammed, 29,  of 1720 West Arlington Street in Philadelphia was charged with Misuse of Plates and Improper Parking after Greenwich Police spotted his rental vehicle backed into a diagonal parking spot on Greenwich Avenue.

At about 2:30pm on Nov. 30, Greenwich Police directing holiday traffic spotted the vehicle parked improperly. Investigation revealed that three men, all from the Philadelphia area, were using the Avis rental car.

The driver had affixed a license plate to the rear of the rental vehicle that didn’t match its registration.  Investigation further revealed the second different license plate was registered to a second different vehicle, this one registered in Jackson New Jersey.

The driver of the rental vehicle had no valid identification. He was arrested for Misuse of Marker Plate and Improper Parking. He was assigned a $250 bond and has a court date on Dec. 14 in Stamford Superior court.