Three Arrested after Crowd of about 30 Grows Aggressive on Davis Ave

At about 6:40pm on August 16 Greenwich Police responded to a report of a large crowd gathered in the area of 123 Davis Avenue arguing and growing aggressive.

According to Lt David Nemecek, police received word that a crowd of about 30 people were yelling at each other and that a possible fight was about to occur.

Greenwich Police Lt David Nemecek said that the crowd had begun to argue following a previous dispute. Nemecek said a large number of police units were dispatched to the scene.

Nemecek said police instructed the group to disperse, but he did not at first leave. Eventually the crowd dispersed, with the exception of a few people who continued to fight and were arrested.

The arguing escalated into a physical altercation involving Thomas Anthony Martins, 21, of 3 Cottage Place in Greenwich.

Police say that one member of the group, Andres Rendon, 28, of 94 Wilbur Peck Court in Greenwich, approached Martins and punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

Rendon was arrested and charged with Interfering with an Officer and Breach of Peace 2. He was assigned a court date in Stamford Superior court on Aug 30.

Michael G Esquivel, 28, of 94 Wilbur Peck Court was also arrested in the incident. Police say Esquivel was instigating the group’s aggression and that officers attempted to guide him away from the group and ordered him to remain silent. He failed to comply with officers instructions multiple times and was arrested.

Esquivel was charged with Assault 3 and Breach of Peace 2. His bond was set at $10,000. he has a court date on Aug 30, 2017 in Stamford Superior Court.

Police say that after escorting martins away from the group, officers ordered him to remain stationery while the scene was investigated, but he refused to comply on multiple occasions. He was charged with Interfering with an Officer and Breach of Peace 2.