Superintendent Issues “Secure the Building/Shelter in Place” Protocol Following Bank Robberies

Following the second robbery of Chase Bank in Riverside in one week, Greenwich Schools interim Superintendent Dr. Sal Corda issued a modified “Secure the Building / Shelter in Place” protocol for Riverside School and Eastern Middle School.

“As you may know, there have been two bank robberies in the Riverside area on succeeding days,” Corda wrote on Thursday. “The police are diligently working to locate and apprehend the suspect.”

On Friday, Corda said that after speaking to the Deputy Chief there was nothing new in the investigation, and that Thursday had been a quiet day. Still, he said that it would be prudent to go one more day with a modified Shelter in Place procedure.

From the perspective of “an abundance of caution,” the Shelter in Place/Secure the Building mode means teachers continue teaching , but advise students in an age appropriate way, that the school is being extra cautious about staying safe.

“Outdoor activities are suspended,” Corda said. “The police will have a greater than normal presence in our school areas.”

Lastly, Corda said he and the Chief of Police are in regular communication and agree that this is an overly cautious position.

“There is no reason to believe that our students and staff are anything but safe. The Superintendent will review the situation in the morning to determine if we will continue in this mode or return to our normal practice,” Corda wrote on Thursday.

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