Patient Thanks Greenwich Police Officer, GEMS Crews for Swift response to Cardiac Arrest

The Town of Greenwich’s overall emergency medical response is structured to mirror the “Chain of Survival” concept endorsed by the American Heart Association.

The officers of the Greenwich Police Dept embrace their role as medical first responders in that chain, and work cooperatively with their partners at the Greenwich Emergency Medical Services

Left to right: Paramedic Walter Hughes, Officer Ryan Carino, Paramedic Greg Saracino

For the second time in two months, Officer Ryan Carino was an essential link in a patient’s survival.

After Officer Carino’s arrival on a medical call, he found the patient alert and sitting with his wife, but suddenly the patient’s heart stopped beating, and he went unconscious.

Officer Carino used his medical training and his police experience to take decisive action and began CPR. 

Two ambulance crews from GEMS were dispatched, arrived promptly, and provided Advanced Life Support for the patient. One crew was Paramedic Greg Saracino and EMT Kristina Hughes, and the other Paramedic Walter Hughes EMT Samantha Zezima.

After receiving a shock from an AED, the patient regained consciousness and was transported to the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Room.

The officer’s early intervention and the efforts of the GEMS personnel came together to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient who continues to do well.

So well, in fact, that police say he and his wife came down to the Public Safety Complex to thank everyone involved in his successful recovery.

“For Emergency responders, we are always hyper-focused on providing care for the patient and taking action in the moment,” Police said in a statement Monday. “Afterward, there is time to reflect, and there is some additional information that makes this an even more intersecting story beyond the miracle of life for this patient and his family.”