Naked Man Subdued at Gas Station by Greenwich Police on Sunday Night


Greenwich Police car

A naked man at the Sheephill Mobil was subdued and taken to the hospital on Sunday night, according to Greenwich Police.

Around 8:30pm, at Sheephill Mobil Station at 1129 East Putnam Ave, police received news of an alleged emotionally disturbed person at the mini mart who was removing his clothing.

When police arrived the man, who had no clothes on, claimed to have taken cocaine. He also claimed there were bugs in his clothing. Based on those statements, police said they believed that the heat contributed to his feeling the need to take his clothing off.

The man, according to police, disobeyed officers’ orders and walked toward Officer Scorca and K-9 Kato.

A half dozen police officers on scene encircled the man, as they were concerned he might approach bystanders, go back inside the mini mart, or walk into busy traffic at East Putnam Ave and be hit by a car.

According to an officer on scene, the man was taking very small steps as he approached Officer Scorca, an indication his balance could be compromised.

Ultimately, a Greenwich Police officer decided the safest approach was to take the man down. He then subdued the man without incident, though, once on the ground, according to the officer, the man kept tensing up and attempting to turn over from underneath the officer.

The entire ordeal lasted approximately five minutes. The man, a 34-year-old with a Sound Beach Avenue address, was placed on a stretcher and taken to Greenwich Hospital.