Multiple Charges for 21-Year-Old Spotted Driving with Two Blown Out Tires

police stationOn Sunday at about 6:15pm, Evelina S Goransson, 21, of 620 W Putierrez St in Santa Barbara, CA was stopped by Greenwich Police on Lyon Ave at St Roch Ave in Chickahominy after an officer on patrol, Officer James Smith, heard a loud noise coming down Hamilton Ave that sounded similar to a snowplow blade grinding against asphalt.

Officer Smith then observed a black sedan traveling west on Ham Ave with the loud sound coming from the vehicle. Officer Smith caught up with the vehicle and noticed it was tilted to the right with its two right tires blown out.

After initiating a motor vehicle stop, the vehicle pulled to the right onto the shoulder and nearly struck a fence at 37 St. Roch Ave.

Police detected a fruity odor consistent with alcoholic beverages emanating from Goransson who denied having consumed any alcohol or taking any drugs. Her eyes, according to police were watery. Goransson related that she wasnot sure how she’d blown out her tires, but may have been involved in an accident somwehre,though she wasn’t sure where.

She was unable to perform standard sobriety tests and was arrested. A search of Goransson’s vehicle revealed a half full liter bottle of Hennessy. While searching Goransson’s belongings, a half-pill was located in her wallet. The pill was identified as Ritalin, which was not kept in a prescription container. Ritalin is listed as a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance.

Goransson was arrested, transported to Greenwich Police Dept where she submitted to two breath samples, which indicated she was over the legal limit. She was charged with DUI, Operating with Unsafe Tires, Failing to Keep Drug in Original Container and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Goransson posted $250 bond and was released. She has a court date at Stamford Superior Court on Dec. 29, 2014.