Additional Charges Include Computer Crime for Former Greenwich Parking Services Employee

UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect that Mr. Gordon resigned his position at the Parking Services Department shortly after his first arrest.

A employee of Greenwich Dept of Parking Services who resigned shortly after his first arrest by Greenwich Police in April was arrested again by Greenwich Police for a scheme that involved diverting cash paid by parking violators in a criminal scheme.

Michael Gordon, 48, of 131 Byram Road in Greenwich was arrested on an active warrant by Greenwich Police on June 8 and charged with Larceny 1, False Entry by Officer or Agent, Forgery 2 and Computer Crime 1.

According to CT General Statutes, Sec. 53a-252, Computer Crime 1 is a Class B felony that takes place when the property or computer services exceeds $10,000.

Computer crime refers to unauthorized access to a computer system, theft of computer services, interruption of computer services, misuse of computer system information, or destruction of computer equipment.

Greenwich Police said in a release on June 12 that the warrant served on June 8 stemmed from their ongoing investigation, and that Mr. Gordon had diverted money from the Dept of Parking Services for his personal profit.

During the Monday, June 12 Police briefing, Lt. David Nemecek said Mr. Gordon manipulated records to hide cash transactions. Nemecek said Smartcards, a plastic debt like card that can only be used for metered paring within the town of Greenwich, were involved.

Nemecek said the Smartcards are monetized at the Dept of Parking Services payment window.

Nemecek said Gordon swiped credit cards, issued manual receipts for the tickets, and did not report the transactions.  Afterward, he allegedly altered the official parking ticket record, subsequent to cash payment.

“Through an elaborate series of fraudulent transactions, Gordon misapplied credits for certain non-cash transactions in order to satisfy parking violation tickets that had been paid by violators in cash,” the June 12 release said.

Greenwich Police say that between Dec 6, 2016 and April 7, 2017, Mr. Gordon stole over $11,400.

He was able to post a bond of $1,000 and assigned a court date on June 23, 2017.

Back on April 17  Mr. Gordon was charged with Larceny 2, Forgery 2, and False Entry by Officer or Agent after an internal audit determined Mr. Gordon misapplied credits for non-cash transactions to satisfy parking tickets paid in cash. The audit was triggered after Gordon’s co-workers grew suspicious.

After his April arrest, Mr. Gordon was able to post $10,000 bond and assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on April 24, 2017. As for his job in Parking Services, Gordon was placed on administrative leave pending an internal employee investigation by the Town’s human resources department.

Mr. Gordon resigned shortly after his April arrest, according to the office of the First Selectman.