Man Charged with Trespassing at Greenwich Police Headquarters

Greenwich Police charged a New Hampshire man with Trespassing in the police station on April 24 around 2:00am.

Police say that Oleg Shubenko, 27, of Raymond, NH had been formally advised on April 18th that he was not permitted at police headquarters or he would be arrested following a previous criminal investigation.

“The individual acknowledged that he was advised not to return or he would be arrested, and that he had no official police business on that date, and was there to spend the night,” police said in a release.

Officers spotted Shubenko at police headquarters and arrested him for the outstanding warrant and Trespass since he was neither there for an emergency, nor to make a report.

Shubenko was charged with Criminal Trespass 1st degree. His bond was set at $5,000, which he was unable to post. He was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on May 10, 2021.

He was also charged with Harassment 2 and Stalking 2 following an incident around 5:00am on the 18th in the area of Greenwich Ave involving a complaint by a local resident.