Greenwich Woman Driving Wrong Way on One-Way Street is Pulled Over; Speeds Off

On Monday night at around 8:00pm, Greenwich Police pulled over a driver headed the wrong direction on a one way street in Cos Cob.

An officer stopped a white Honda CRV on Nassau Place and had had begun questioning the driver, identified by her Brazilian ID card as Daisy Tovares Nonato Ramos, she sped off.

According to Lt John Slusarz Ms. Ramos, 29, of 7 Wampus Lane in Riverside, started the car and drove away causing the officer to have to go back to his car and chase her.

Ms. Ramos finally stopped in the area of Cos Cob School, where she was removed from her vehicle.

Police observed Ms. Ramos to have glassy bloodshot eyes and the odor of alcoholic beverages  on her person. Also the odor of marijuana was detected in the vehicle.

Inside her car Ms. Ramos had an open container of alcohol and marijuana, which resulted in the charge of Drinking while Driving.

After failing to perform sobriety to tests to standard she was placed under arrest and charged with DUI.

Other charges include Disobeying Signal of Officer, Driving Wrong Way on One Way Street, Driving without a License, and Possession Less than 1/2 Oz Cannabis.

She has a date in Stamford Superior Court on May 7, 2018. She was released to her husband after posting $500 bond.