Greenwich Schools: Stranger Danger Warning Following Incident with Child on Bike and GMC Yukon

On Thursday afternoon Greenwich Schools emailed parents a message of caution following an incident that took place on June 14 in Old Greenwich.

“An Old Greenwich resident reported activity of a concerning nature to the Greenwich Police Department involving a Black GMC Yukon with New York plates, allegedly following a 12 year-old bicyclist on June 17. No contact between the driver and the cyclist was reported,” said the email which was sent by Kim Eves, the director of communication whose final day is Friday, June 21.

“GPD patrol units have been notified and are on alert for the vehicle and any suspicious activity,” she wrote. “We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to speak with your children about the precautions of talking to strangers. The GPD asks you to report to them anything out of the ordinary immediately.”