Greenwich Police Warn Parents about Hosting Parties and Underage Drinking

Connecticut General Statute 30-89a makes it a misdemeanor for social hosts to “knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence” provide alcohol to anyone who’s under the age of 21 or to fail to make reasonable efforts to prevent minors from gaining access to alcohol.

The “host” does not have to be an adult or even be on the property. Connecticut courts also have held that a social host can be liable for civil damages if the host provides alcohol to a minor and the minor then injures him or herself or someone else as a result of the intoxication.

The Greenwich Police Department is asking parents to be aware of this law.

“We have investigated numerous medical emergencies, and we had a fatal motor vehicle crash, that were the direct result from underage drinking parties hosted by the homeowner or other resident from the home,” Police said in a post on Facebook.

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