VIDEO: Greenwich Police Help Scared Horse Find His Way Home in Wednesday’s Storm

Emergency service workers have been busy fielding hundreds of calls between the back to back Nor’Easters in Greenwich, most of which were about cars that had spun out, minor accidents and trees down across the roadway. But one call was unique from others.

According to Lt Slusarz, around midnight Wednesday night, a contractor working in the storm called to say as he was working a horse was wandering around by Sabine Farm and was keeping him company.

Officers responded and figured the horse belonged in the nearby field and walked him back to the field.

A couple hours later Officer Wallace saw a horse just walking down the road.

“He stopped and made friends with the horse and walked the horse all the way back to its home,” Slusarz said, adding that at that point neighbors were on the scene and pointed out the horse’s barn.

Sergeant Isidoro, who recognized the horse from the earlier incident, videotaped part of the walk home.

In fact, he couldn’t help but call Officer Wallace “a horse whisperer” as they walked the horse through the snow to the barn.

Apparently a branch had fallen down on the barn during the storm and scared the horse, who took off.

“We got it to the wrong location the first time because nobody was home,” Slusarz said. “The neighbors were home the second time and confirmed the horse was where he belonged. This poor horse in the middle of the storm got scared out of its house and just wanted some reassurance.”