Greenwich Police Report Larcenies from 14 Unlocked Cars, 3 Stolen Cars

Greenwich Police announced this week that 14 cars have been entered in Greenwich between Aug 26 and Sept 4.

All the cases happened during the overnight or early morning hours. All the vehicles were unlocked and rummaged through.

Miscellaneous items were taken including loose change, a laptop computer and video games.

If anone has information regarding any of these incidents or have witnessed suspicious activity during the overnight hours in any of the areas where larcenies from motor vehicles took place, they should call the GPD tip line at (203) 622-3333 or toll free at (800) 372-1176. Or email tips to [email protected]

“The people responsible for these crimes are generally lazy and enter unlocked cars,” said Lt John Slusarz in a statement on Thursday. “Despite this, it would be reasonable to believe that they may break a window on a locked car to get a valuable that is left in plain sight. The best way to discourage this behavior is to lock your car, take your keys and not leave valuables where they can be seen.”

Sept 4: 2018 Acura on Sinawoy Rd

Sept 4: 2018 Mercedes and 2012 Toyota on Halsey Drive

Sept 3: 2015 Jeep, 2017 GMC, 2018 Toyota and a 2012 Ford on Spezzano Drive

Sept 1: 2005 Toyota and 2006 Nissan on Gerry Street

Sept 1: 1996 Jaguar on Milbank Ave

Aug 31: 2009 Mercedes on St Roch Ave

Aug 28: 2017 Chrysler on Pilgrim Drive

Aug 26: 2017 Volvo and 2016 VW on Cathlow Drive in Riverside

Also, Slusarz listed the cars that have been stolen recently. First a 2005 Ford Explorer was stolen on Steamboat Rd on Sept 2. It had the keys in the car and was left unlocked.

On August 31 a Mini Cooper which was left unlocked and with the keys in it was stolen from a driveway on Milbank Ave.

Slusarz said the car was not reported stolen right away. The owners learned about it first thing in the morning when State Police found the car wrecked on I95 in Norwalk.

“We did our follow up,” Slusarz said. “The people hadn’t even noticed the car was missing.”

On Aug 30, a 2017 Ford was stolen from a driveway on Lawrence Street. It too was left unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

“It’s not just about the inconvenience to the driver,” Slusarz said of the larcenies from cars and stolen cars. “It also creates a lot of work for the police who investigate every single one of these cases.”